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Station 82

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  1. Bay Area
  2. Company Officer's Office
  3. Day Room
  4. Dorm Areas
  5. Kitchen
  6. Office


Station 82 was built in 1979. This station has a minimum of three line firefighters on-duty 24-hours a day, with a maximum of five firefighters.

Location of Response

Engine 82 responds to the west end of the City limits of Longview. They also respond as backup to Station 81 if they have a significant incident, or if they are out-of-service at the time of the call. Whoever is the closest unit at the time of the call tries to cover to have the quickest response time possible.


This station has:

  • Bay
  • Company officer's office
  • Dorm room
  • Dayroom / Kitchen
  • Office


Engine 82 and the 1923 American LaFrance Engine are stored here. The American LaFrance is owned and maintained by the Longview Firefighters Association. It was restored in 1997 by the help of many firefighters and local businesses.