Why should you compost?

Here Are Ten Good Reasons

  • Adding decomposed organic material to the soil feeds beneficial organisms.
  • Adding organic materials to the soil improves moisture retention.
  • Compost amends both sandy and clay soils.
  • Compost provides a balanced, slow-release source of nutrients that helps the soil hold nutrients long enough for plants to use them.
  • Composting saves money and you avoid the cost of buying soil conditioners, bagged manure, etc.
  • Feeding your edible plants will improve your own diet. Plants grown in depleted soils have reduced nutrient content.
  • Healthy plants from healthy soil look better, produce better and have a much greater ability to fight off pests and diseases.
  • Home composting is a valuable tool in educating children about nature and the cycle of life.
  • Yard and food waste make up 30% of the waste stream. Composting your kitchen and yard trimmings helps divert that waste from the landfill, waterways, and water treatment facilities.
  • You will significantly reduce pest problems and your use of pesticides.

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