What is the purpose of providing shelter for these people? Shouldn’t they secure housing on their own?

The goal of the emergency shelter site is to ensure residents who are facing an emergency and don’t have shelter, have a place to safely reside while they actively pursue permanent housing. The site should be safe, secure, and structured. Like many cities in the state of Washington, and throughout the US, the cost of living and lack of affordable housing has exacerbated the need for housing for low-income citizens. As a result, the number of unhoused citizens has increased.

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1. How does the mission statement address not only the quality of life for the homeless citizens in Longview but the housed taxpayers as well?
2. What is the purpose of providing shelter for these people? Shouldn’t they secure housing on their own?
3. How does the city plan to guarantee a low or no impact on surrounding areas when the city has failed for three years with the unhosted site?
4. How will a hosted site / hosted safe parking at Alabama Street continue to affect the local neighborhoods, businesses, and the city shop? Where will the city shop workers park?
5. Why should businesses have to pick up bags of trash in front of their business weekly, and why should they have to pay for the labor to pick this trash up?
6. How will this program prioritize only citizens of Longview and not any person or persons who decide to come? How will we know that they are locals?
7. How are you determining a location?
8. What happens to residents who choose not to accept the rules of a hosted camp?
9. What are the plans for the people who do not want to participate in this program?
10. How does the City plan to provide extra support to the Longview Police Department as this hosted camp is established and everything stabilizes?
11. Why doesn’t the City of Longview just hire more police officers and arrest the homeless people at Alabama St and living in other parts of the community?
12. Are residents allowed to enter another residents dwelling? How do we plan to keep this from happening?
13. What is the duration of this housing plan?
14. Is a resident in one of the “huts” no longer considered “unsheltered” or “homeless”?
15. Once the hosted shelter site opens, are we going to pass an ordinance against unhoused transients?
16. Are we just going to continue to ignore the destruction that is happening already?
17. Why aren't businesses held responsible for their shopping carts?