Why didn't we rebuild the Fisher's Lane water treatment plant?

The Fisher’s Lane water treatment plant was constructed in 1946. Despite capacity upgrades in 1960 and 1980 and a regulatory upgrade in 1998, the facility was aged and failing. Several concrete structures had deteriorated to the point that it was not practical to rebuild. The plant struggled to keep up with demand due to frequent mechanical and structural failures. Eleven filters failed over a period of ten years, including three catastrophic failures which were declared emergencies in order to expedite repair.

If the existing water treatment plant were to have been rehabilitated, it would have been necessary to keep the plant in operation throughout construction. To do that, construction would have had to be phased to meet water demand year-round while constructing improvements. Three phases of construction were expected to require roughly nine years and $52.6 Million to complete – approximately $18 million more than the cost of the new groundwater supply.

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