Letter 32 - The Two Things We Hate


There are Two Things We Hate…

I recently heard a quote about Longview that stated…

“There are two things we hate – the way things are and having to change”.

I was startled as to what that even meant for us?  We don’t like what we have but we are worried about what might be… so then are we stuck?  

That seemed too simple of an explanation and more or less of an excuse – like we have given up because “it is what it is”.  We ARE better than that, we ARE more than that. 

Our little town holds immense potential.  Beautiful tree lined streets, friendly and giving community members, and picturesque parks that are truly something to be grateful for. Yes change can be daunting, yes it can feel uncomfortable, and yes it can be unknown… but it might not be a bad thing.  

Many times we won’t attempt things unless we can find an example of someone or somewhere else already doing it.  BUT, if we only rely on this type of thinking, we may never take big steps or do great things. Of course, we can learn from other’s successes, but we can also take the first step and set the example.  The mindset of start with a “no” and back into a “yes”, keeps us safe but keeps us stagnant.  Can we agree to at least start with a “maybe”? - A “maybe” at least leaves the door open for more possibilities.

We can do a better job of loving our little town for what it is today while still wanting a brighter and better future. We work hard and do what we can to revitalize our parks and recreation spaces for the entire community and those who visit.  Its not just a dream to one day have a vibrant parks system, we regularly work hard with what we have available and partner with those to make what we can better now. 

Understanding that if we change it will not diminish our history, our history is something to celebrate and elevate. Longview was built with a purposeful vision that touted a better quality of life for those who live here and we continue that tradition today.  We need to build upon that vision and use our strengths to grow as a community.  Growth can be daunting, yes it can feel uncomfortable, and yes it can be unknown…but it might not be a bad thing. 

Most of the time people just want to know why are we changing?  How can we secure buy in or have people wrap their brains around something if they are uninformed?  Communication is key to success.  We acknowledge that we can be better at soliciting feedback, ensuring your voices are heard, and apologize when we have have missed the mark in doing so.  We will work hard to do better going forward about including those who wish to be involved.  We want you as part of the process and it creates a better outcome!  We also acknowledge that people want to know what is going on and we are committed to finding new ways to help get the word out as to what projects are coming up and what we are up to.  We want you to help celebrate these successes!

We have made a pledge to make a difference within the scope of where we can in our little town.  Our main focus is making sure our parks are well maintained and well-kept and that our programs and events are successful and benefit the entire community. We encourage you to get involved, share your ideas, be a part of the solution, change, and growth.  We can challenge ourselves to embrace change, heck even seek it out!  Not as a disruption, but as a catalyst for a better future. 


We aren’t stuck. Together we can move!

~ Director Jen Wills