Metropolitan Park District

Longview Metropolitan Park District 

The Metropolitan Park District is a junior taxing district voted on by citizens to provide dedicated and sustainable funding for Longview’s Parks and Recreation programs and facilities. This will extend the useful life of our most used parks and playgrounds, address safety and security issues, invest in underserved neighborhoods, improve energy efficiency, and preserve new open spaces.

Priorities could include:

  • Playground parts and replacements; 
    Cloney Park
    Windemere Park
    Mark Hoehne Park
    Elks Memorial Park (Pirate Ship Park)
  • Public park restroom facility renovation and replacement;
    John Null Restroom
    Archie Anderson Restroom
    Lake Sacajawea Restroom
  • Picnic shelter repair and replacement; 
    Victoria Freeman Park
    Windemere Park
  • Infrastructure repair and replacement;
    Lake Sacajawea Irrigation Pump
    Mint Valley Golf Course Irrigation System
    HVAC systems at McClelland Center and Elks Teen Center
  • Sport field and court repair and renovation; 
    Light pole removal and replacement at Roy Morse
    Resurface the tennis courts a Rotary Park
  • Trail and sidewalk improvement;
    Gravel added to Altrusa Park Trail and Lake Sacajawea
    Sidewalk repair throughout park system


Find meeting agendas, and minutes on the City meeting calendar.


What is a Metropolitan Park District (MPD)?

A MPD is a junior property taxing district with special taxing authority for the management, control, improvement, maintenance, and acquisition of parks, pathways, boulevards, recreational facilities, programs, and services.

How much will this cost?

The Longview Metropolitan Park District Board set the tax rate at 25 cents per $1,000 assessed property value.  Current projections have targeted revenues for investment back into the park system at $1.2 million annually at 2023 assessed values.

How will MPD revenue be collected?

The MPD tax would be a component of property owners’ annual City of Longview property tax assessment administered by Cowlitz County.

What area is included within the MPD?

The Longview MPD would include the entire area within the municipal boundaries of the City of Longview as they currently exist as well as they may exist as the result of future annexations.

Who pays this tax?

Property owners within the boundaries of the City of Longview would pay this tax.

Would this tax expire?

The tax does not expire.

How can an MPD be dissolved?

A district may be dissolved by a majority vote of its board members. Upon dissolution, the district's liabilities are prorated, and turned over to the city it was respectively located in each, when:

  • Such city and/or county, through its governing officials, agrees to, and petitions for, such dissolution and the assumption of such assets and liabilities, or;
  • Ten percent of the voters of such city and/or county who voted at the last general election petition the governing officials for such a vote. (RCW 35.61.310)
  • Disincorporation of district located in county with a population of 210,000 or more and inactive for five years, see Chapter 57.90 RCW.

Who governs the Longview MPD?

The MPD would be governed by the Longview Metropolitan Park District Board consisting of the Longview City Council.

When will the tax go into effect?

The tax would appear on tax bills beginning in 2024.

Can MPD funds be used for other City of Longview needs?

No, by state law, MPD funds can only be utilized for parks and recreation-related facilities, programs, and services.

How will MPD revenue be spent?

MPD funds would be spent on deferred maintenance, park renovation, restroom facilities, playground replacement, trails/sidewalks, and recreational programs and facilities as outlined in the Parks and Recreation Plan or annual capital and operating budgets approved by City Council.

Who determines what the MPD revenue will be spent on?

The City Council, in its role as the Longview Metropolitan Park District Board, would approve the MPD budget.

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