Readers' Resources

The following are a few online resources of interest to those who love to read.

  1. Book Chat
  2. Booksellers
  3. Other Book-Related Sites
  4. Awards

Book Chat is a monthly KLTV program highlighting books. It is hosted by Alan Rose, and produced by Jack Radigue. Each 30-minute episode includes an interview with an author, or conversation about books, and also a "What is the Community Reading?" segment where people are asked what books they are currently enjoying.

Each episode is aired three times a week on KLTV for four weeks, on Tuesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 10 am, and Fridays at 12 am. Past episodes of Book Chat can be accessed at

For more information about Book Chat, contact Alan Rose at 360-425-3430, ext. 280, or visit the Alan Rose website.