Drive-Thru Library Service

Request your library items using our online catalog, pick them up during Drive-Thru hours or from the self-service shelf near the downstairs desk-checkout at the desk; self-checkout is available upstairs. See below to set your pickup location preferences.

Drive-Thru Hours

Hours may change during inclement weather, depending on conditions and staff availability.

Monday through Saturday
10 am to 3 pm

Placing Requests

Use the online catalog to search or browse for items that you would like to check out. To put an item on hold, click the Place Request option to the right of the item. Log in using your barcode or username and PIN (see previous section) to complete the process. Select your Pickup Library as Drive-Thru to pick up your holds on the go, or select Longview Public Library to pick them up inside. You can set a default pick-up location by clicking the box below the selection box. If you use the One Click Request feature, your hold will be placed using your default pickup location.

Place a Request Example