Letter 30 - "THAT'S SO COWLITZ"

"That's So Cowlitz"

Not sure if you’ve heard the term "that’s so Cowlitz" yet, but it’s getting tossed around and associated with a myriad of negative acts and unfavorable behavior.

Someone sees something deplorable and states "that’s sooooo Cowlitz"!

We’ve heard it said with eye rolls, with a sigh, and sometimes with disgust. The term, as it’s currently used, seems to portray that there’s nothing we can do, this is just how it is, and that nothing is going to change… some things do need to change and we as a community are working and will continue to work on that, but the list of great things to do, see, and to be a part of is growing!

So we would like to continue the use of the term "that’s so Cowlitz" but we’ve got a way better use for it…

Steve the Rabbit (LC School Gardens) … that’s so Cowlitz

Children's Discovery Museum… that’s so Cowlitz

Castle Rock Blooms… that’s so Cowlitz

Kalama Marina Park… that’s so Cowlitz

Longview Parks and Recreation… that’s so Cowlitz

Longview Public Library… that’s so Cowlitz

Longview Outdoor Gallery… that’s so Cowlitz

Mint Valley Golf Course... that’s so Cowlitz

Mt. St. Helens + Cowlitz County Tourism… that’s so Cowlitz

Willow Grove Park.... that's so Cowlitz

Cowlitz Black Bears Baseball… that’s so Cowlitz

Lower Columbia College… that’s so Cowlitz

Service groups and volunteer opportunities… that’s so Cowlitz

Great Family Events and Festivals… that’s so Cowlitz

Proximity to Seattle and Portland… that’s so Cowlitz

Outdoor Opportunities and access to nature… that’s so Cowlitz

… the list can go on and on as to why being fun, family-friendly, and beautiful is "So Cowlitz".

Cowlitz County is pretty amazing when you think about the great place we live, work, and play.

So here’s a simple suggestion:

Work hard to make sure that each day is better than the day before and then imagine what our days could be like as we get older. Now "THAT'S SO COWLITZ"!!!!