Complete Streets

The City envisions a community in which residents and visitors of all ages and abilities are able to travel safely and conveniently on the transportation network. In 2019, City Council formalized this vision by adopting the Longview Complete Streets Ordinance (Ordinance 3413). The ordinance established  Chapter 12.70 of the Longview Municipal Code, which describes the policies and procedures that will be used to build a comprehensive, integrated, connected transportation network that promotes health and safety of all users.

This vision will be realized over time through capital improvement projects or through a series of smaller improvements and maintenance activities. The Complete Streets Advisory Committee was established to guide City staff on the implementation of the Complete Streets policy. In addition to the monthly Committee meetings, Staff publish an annual performance report on the progress of the Complete Streets policy. Through on-going improvements, regular public involvement, and annual reflection on our progress, the City hopes to increase transportation system access for all users and improve the quality of life available to all residents.

Complete Streets Advisory Committee

The Longview Complete Streets Ordinance also established the Complete Streets Advisory Committee to assist and advise staff on complete streets elements, transportation system plans and design criteria, and when otherwise needed to fulfill the goals of complete streets.

Complete Streets Advisory Committee  Bylaws

More information about the Committee and Committee members and to apply to be a member visit the Boards & Commissions website.

 Committee meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm. A 

Longview Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

On June 23, 2022, City Council adopted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The plan was drafted by the Complete Streets Advisory Committee through a collaborative process with extensive public outreach. The first of its kind for Longview, the Master Plan is an implementation tool for achieving the City’s Complete Streets vision. 

Visit the Master Plan website to learn more about the plan and download a copy. 

Annual Reports

City staff prepare an annual performance report on progress toward the Complete Streets policy. The purpose of this report is to celebrate success in implementing complete streets as well as identify opportunities for improvement.