Letter 28 - Sail Fillers, Beacons, Anchors....


Sail Fillers, Anchors, Beacons, and Hole Patchers
 Letter from the Director

We start our voyage into this world whether personally or professionally ready at the helm to take on the high seas full of epic goals, adventurous plans, and a grand vision of what will be.

As you shove off and choose to leave your safe harbor, you know it’s because that's where the magic happens. Whether you let your sails out slowly to build momentum or kick off at full heel; your journey begins with taut sails, optimism for the future, and a vast amount of opportunity in open waters.

As we move along, you start to realize that you cannot always predict the weather and sometimes you are hit with rough seas. Problems come up that you need to learn to navigate through – its not always smooth sailing in life.

You’ll find that you cannot be successful for long periods pushing straight into a headwind, you start to lose the tautness in your sails and falter. You’ll get frustrated when you need to change tack to move forward, and sometimes it even feels like you are taking a step sideways or backwards – but you’ll get there if you are willing to change course.

Then just when we think you have got everything in place and finally pointed in the right direction, you may encounter an enemy attack. Someone or something looking to halt your journey or turn you off course.

There are those malicious enough to want to blow holes in your sails, break a mast, dislodge a keel, or even try to sink you… sometimes those are the easy ones to spot. The ones to watch out for are those who poke tiny holes into your sails with simple small phrases like the reminder to “be realistic” or the "limitations" of being human.

There is no need to give up or give in, throw out a SOS, remain adrift, or even abandon ship. The beautiful thing about this journey we call life is that we don’t have to do this alone.

Find people who will fill your sails, those who feel like a gentle steady breeze. Keep in your circle someone who can help be a beacon even in the darkest storms.

Seek out people who feel like sunshine and safe harbor and then let them be your anchor for a little while. Someone you can go to when you need a break, to find solace, and reenergize to take on another day.

Invite people on your journey who will patch your holes, assist you with your rigging, help co-navigate, and even those who are willing to help you fight back when necessary.

 Cherish the sail fillers, the anchors, the beacons, and the hole patchers - your guardians of the seas - and keep them close.