2021 Interlocal Agreements

The City of Longview works cooperatively with other jurisdictions to deliver convenient services in a cost-effective way. Interlocal agreements spell out the terms of such arrangements. The city now makes those agreements available for online viewing, starting with interlocal agreements established in 2016.

If the agreement you are looking for is not listed, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 360-442-5041.

Legislation Category  Partner Description
Resolution 2348 Police Cowlitz County Interlocal Agreement for Law Enforcement Records Services
Resolution 2352 Executive SW WA Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SWRTPO) Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement
Resolution 2361 Executive Cowlitz County  Interlocal Agreement for a Hosted Homeless Encampment Pilot Project
Resolution 2365 Police Cowlitz County Interlocal Agreement with Cowlitz County Regarding the 2021 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant
Resolution 2370 Police Cowlitz County and Cities of Kelso, Castle Rock, Kalama, woodland and Cowlitz County District 2 Fire and Rescue Interlocal Agreement for Purchase and Maintenance of SWAT Armored Vehicles
Resolution 2382 Fleet State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services Interlocal Agreement for Assistance in Reducing Energy and Operational Costs
Resolution 2387 Police Cowlitz County Interlocal Agreement for Participation in Use of the Spillman Records Management System