Fire Prevention Week


Welcome to the Longview Fire Department

Virtual Fire Prevention Week Web Page!

Usually, we’d be in classrooms and would have an open house at the fire station to spread the word about fire safety. But this year, in an effort to help keep everyone healthy, we have put together this web page. Even though we can’t be with you in person, we still want to be able to share fire safety and prevention information. Below, you will find links to fire prevention videos, activities, and materials designed to educate school-aged children about things they can do to make their homes more fire safe.

The Fire Prevention Week modules below are intended to create short fire prevention video messages each day for 4 days, each one lasting approximately 5 to 7 minutes. The activities accompanying the videos are to provide students with a fire prevention or safety activity that is related to the video message for that day. Some of these materials can be done in the classroom if you wish and some are intended for students to do at home.

In addition to the focus on kitchen fire safety, we have included topics that include creating a home fire escape plan, a virtual tour of Longview’s newest fire engine, and showing the protective equipment a firefighter must wear to keep them safe while fighting a fire.

Fire Prevention Week – Day one

For this first day, we introduce the students to Fire Prevention Week with the Longview Fire Department. Then we focus on the main topic for Fire Prevention Week – Fire Safety in the Kitchen. Show both videos in the order shown (below) and then distribute the ‘Kitchen Safety Hidden Pics’ game (under Activities).


Welcome to Fire Prevention Week Video

Kitchen Safety Video


Fire Prevention Week – Day two

Day two gives direction to students about how to create a fire escape plan at their homes. Show both videos in the order shown (below) and then distribute the two documents (under Activities). The first is teaching students to choose an appropriate outside meeting place for their home escape fire plan; the second is a sample drawing of a home fire escape plan to show students how to do their own.


Fire Escape Plan Video

NFPA Fire Escape Video


Fire Prevention Week – Day Three

For the third day, we are showing students the personal protective equipment that firefighters must wear when fighting a fire. Show the video (below) and distribute the two documents (under Activities). The first is a word scramble with fire-specific words; the second is a home fire inspection checklist that students can take home.


Firefighter PPE Video


Fire Prevention Week – Day Four

Day four takes students on a tour of Longview Fire Department’s newest fire engine! Join the crew of Engine 81 as they walk us through the vehicle and show what it can do. They will also show all of the firefighting equipment we carry. Show the video (below) and distribute the two documents (under Activities). The first is a hidden picture puzzle of a fire station; the second is a fire truck picture for students to color.


Tour of Fire Engine 81


**A special thank you to KLTV and Shawn Luhn for their help in taping and producing our videos**