Water Treatment Division

Mint Farm Regional Water Treatment Plant

Longview's Mint Farm Regional Water Treatment Plant operates the water supply system that delivers high quality drinking water to more than 45,000 people in the Longview area. By maintaining strict monitoring standards, Longview delivers high quality, safe, drinking water to our consumers.


Groundwater is tapped from wells in the Mint Farm Industrial Park. The water plant consists of four high capacity (4,000 gallons per minute) groundwater wells and complies with all drinking water drinking water regulations, supplying high quality water to meet communities' needs for years to come. The plant operates 365 days a year, and began distributing drinking water to the City of Longview and Beacon Hill, Water and Sewer District customers on January 31, 2013.

Mint Farm Groundwater Project

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Wellhead Protection Program

To learn more about what the City of Longview is doing to protect the Mint Farm aquifer, visit our page on the Wellhead Protection Program.

Water Quality Reports

2022 Water Quality Report
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