Sidewalk Repair Program

The Longview City Council passed Ordinance Number 2379 in 1989 creating Longview Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 12.28. The chapter, entitled "Sidewalk Construction, Maintenance and Repair", spells out the property owner’s liability for maintaining the public sidewalk abutting his/her property in safe condition. 

On April 19, 2020, the Longview City Council passed Ordinance Number 3424 amending LMC Chapter 12.28.

Owner’s Responsibility

In accordance with Longview Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 12.28, each property owner is responsible for inspection of sidewalks adjacent to their property and the subsequent repair of any hazardous conditions. Whenever the city is notified of a hazardous condition that is caused by the property owners actions which are egregious and culpable, as determined by the Public Works Director or their designee a letter will be prepared and mailed to the property owner allowing 60 days to make corrections to the defects noted.

Sidewalk Hazard Complaints

When the City receives a complaint about a hazardous sidewalk within the city limits of Longview, City staff performs the following:

  • The sidewalks are inspected to determine if they are hazardous and meet the program’s criteria of being deemed a hazardous defect and are not caused by an egregious action by the property owner.
  • The defect is painted with orange paint to denote the hazard.
  • The inspector takes measurements and determines the area that needs repair.
  • The repair is added to the cities list of needed repairs.
  • Repairs are made as resources allow.
  • Repair priorities are based on reported accidents or injuries, mobility impaired residents and date the defect was originally reported.

Private Walkways between the curb and sidewalk

These walkways are installed as an option by property owners and are not part of the required public sidewalk and therefore not eligible for any of the sidewalk programs. The owner shall correct any defects found in these private walks without assistance from the City. Damage caused by City tree, private trees or any other reason does not relieve the property owner from responsibility to perform the required repairs. 

Option 1:  This section of private walk can be either removed or replaced/repaired. Owner shall obtain a permit from the City for compliance inspection.

 Option 2:  If the City is performing other sidewalk work at this site and the property owner requests, the City will remove this walk at no cost to the property owner. The owner will be responsible for restoration of the area.

Prior to Repairs

Before undertaking any repairs on abutting sidewalks, property owners should contact the Engineering Division. The owners will need to purchase a permit to work in the Public Right of Way.

Phone 360-442-5200 for inspection prior to pouring concrete.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

See RCW 35.68 for "Sidewalks, Gutters, Curbs, and Driveways - All Cities and Towns."