New Water & Sewer Service

A minimum of a $100 deposit must be made for new service. Application and payment of deposit must be made in person prior to 3 p.m. for same day service. All water, sewer, and garbage customers are billed monthly or bi-monthly depending upon the location of service. For more information on utility rates.

Request New Service

  • Come in person to City Hall, located at 1525 Broadway St, Longview, WA 98632

If you have questions, call Utility Customer Service at phone 360-442-5099 

Notice of Tenant’s Rights

If you are a tenant residing at the service address and water is presently being delivered to your home. You are not responsible for water bills incurred by a previous tenant who moved out before you moved in, and you are not responsible for water bills incurred by your landlord.

The Obligation of a Prior Tenant

If this bill is the obligation of a prior tenant who no longer occupies the premises, or is the obligation of your landlord, you have the right to obtain continued water services by contacting the Finance Department and having the account placed in your name. If you do place the account in your name, services will not be disconnected because of an unpaid bill for which you are not responsible. You will be responsible for future bills coming due during your tenancy, and you will be required to pay a deposit.

Putting the Service in Your Name

To place service in your own name, you must go to City Hall at the following address during normal business hours and make application in person for continued service:
1525 Broadway
Longview, WA 98632  

You will be required to present personal identification and your current rental agreement if you have one. You also will be required to identify your landlord and his or her current address. If service is disconnected before you have contacted the Finance Department, a reconnection fee will be charged before service is restored.

Dispute for Past Due Bills

You may pursue a dispute concerning the responsibility for past due water or other utility bills or the right to have the service placed in your name with the City Finance Department. Water and other utility services will not be disconnected or discontinued until such dispute is resolved by the Finance Director or his or her designee.

Property Owner’s Responsibility

Recipients of service are responsible for payment of all charges on the bill. Property owners of tenant-occupied premises may become responsible for such charges in the event of "shut off" because of delinquency. Except where otherwise directed by property owners of tenant-occupied premises, billings are made in the name of the applicant for service, but such billings shall not relieve the owner of tenant-occupied premises from liability for payment in the event of a termination of service due to non-payment, nor in any way affect the lien rights of the City against premises to which services are furnished. 

Where mailing addresses are known to the City Utilities Department, copies of Delinquency Notice will be sent to tenants and landlords.