Licenses, Permits & Applications

Application forms are available at Longview City Hall or by downloading forms in PDF format. Additional information relating to special licenses may be obtained by calling Longview City Hall, business license desk or Email B&O Tax Department

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The admissions (PDF) license is necessary for businesses which charge an admission fee, either on a regular basis or for a one-time event (theaters, lounges with a cover charge, concerts). Admission taxes of 5% are due quarterly for businesses which regularly charge an admission fee, or within 30 days of a single event. Statement of Admissions Tax PDF

  • Fee: $10 
  • Term: License is good for one calendar year

Advertising Structures

An advertising structures license (PDF) is required for any outdoor advertising structure or billboard which is defined as a freestanding sign, not erected upon or attached to any other structure, five feet by nine feet or larger, which advertises goods, products, or services which are not sold, manufactured or distributed on or from the premises or facilities on which the sign is located. There is a limited number of outdoor advertising structures and billboards permitted within the city limits.

  • Fee: $20 per sign per year
  • Term: License is good for one calendar year


An auction license (PDF) is required for a temporary (Class 2) auction held within city limits. Auctions are defined as “public outcry” sales events. In addition to the license fee, persons desiring to conduct a temporary auction are also required to submit a bond in the amount of $2,500 and an itemized list of items to be sold. The proceeds from a temporary auction are exempt from business and occupation taxes.

  • Fee: $30 per day for each auction event
  • Term: Day

Auctioneer's License

If a temporary auction (PDF) is utilizing the services of an auctioneer not licensed by the State of Washington, a City auctioneer's license is required. 

  • Fee: $25
  • Term: Day

Business License

The business license fee is $50 per calendar year. Please visit Department of Revenue for Business License Renewal.


Cabaret licenses (PDF) are required for businesses providing live music and/or dancing. 

  • Fee: The license fee is $100 per calendar year.


Traveling carnivals are required to obtain a carnival license (PDF), and to have a non-profit sponsor for their show. In addition to the license fee, a $500 bond is required. Applications must be received by the Finance Department at least ten days prior to the opening day of the carnival.

  • Fee: The license fee is $150, plus $2 per day for each concession operated at the carnival.
  • Term: Per Event

Certificate of Occupancy

 Home occupations and businesses that do not have an office located within the City of Longview are exempt from this requirement. New businesses located in the City of Longview that are not home occupations will be required to submit payment. (Form will be available after business application is processed, for question call phone 360-442-5040.)

  • Fee: A Certificate of Occupancy fee is $20 per calendar year.


A circus license (PDF) is required to hold a circus in Longview. Circuses must have a non-profit sponsor. In addition to a $100 license fee, a $500 bond is required prior to the event (admissions tax form) Applications must be received by the Finance Department at least ten days prior to the opening day.

  • Fee: $100
  • Term: Per Event

Dance Permits

Dance permits (PDF) are required to hold any kind of dance within city limits. Dances are classified into two categories: Public/Special Events Dances, and Teenage Dances. Teenage Dances are required to obtain a non-profit sponsor.

  • Fee: $10 per dance and applicants must allow 10 days for approval.
  • Term: Per Event

Fire Safety Permit

The Fire Safety Permit fee is $62 per calendar year. If more than one permit is required per occupancy, additional permits are $31 each. This will be determined by the Fire Marshal. This fee will be tied to your Certificate of Occupancy. Checks should be made payable to the City of Longview, and payment should be made at the time of application. 

  • Fee: Revised Annually LMC 18.10
  • Term: Per Year