Regulations & Requirements

City of Longview Community Development Review

Once the City of Longview receives an electronic copy of your application, the Community Development staff reviews the proposed business location and activities to ensure it complies with city regulations. If there are any concerns, you will be contacted for clarification. Once approved, a business license number is assigned and approved with the Washington Department of Revenue, and your official business license will be mailed within 7 to 10 business days.

Certificate of Occupancy, Fire-Life Safety Permits & Inspections

A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all commercial businesses located within Longview city limits. This is an annual permit to occupy a building or structure as classified for use by the Longview Community Development Department. 

  • Annual Fee: $20

Fire & Life Safety Permits

Fire and Life Safety Permits are required for all businesses that maintain, store, use or handle hazardous materials, or that conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or that install equipment used in connection with such activities, as defined by the Uniform Fire Code, Article I, Section 105. 

  • Annual Fee: $62 (per permit)

For questions, or to schedule an inspection, please call 360-442-5088.

Home Occupation / Residential Businesses

If your business is located within a residential district of the City of Longview, you must comply with Longview’s home occupation ordinance. Full text of the ordinance is available at the Code Publishing website. The City of Longview does require a business license to operate a home occupation within the city. The business license fee is $50 a year. To apply for a license please visit the State of Washington Business Licensing Service website.


Home occupations are permitted within the following zones:

  • Mobile/Manufactured Homes Subdivision District, M-S-H
  • Planned Unit Development, PUD
  • Residential District, R-1
  • Residential District, R-2
  • Residential District, R-3
  • Residential District, R-4
  • River Front District, RF-1
  • Traditional Neighborhood Residential District, TNR

Additional Questions

Questions? Please call phone 360-442-5092 or phone 360-442-5087.