Donations & Memorials

Support Your Park

Contribute to the quality of life in your neighborhood and invest in green, open spaces. View our Donation Program and Application (PDF) to learn more about giving options and donate online.

Donating Goods or Items

For structural items such as playground equipment or non-structural items such as trees, plant materials, or bark chips for a planting bed, please email the Parks Division or phone 360-442-5421. We will evaluate the request and your Donation Application (PDF).

The Longview Parks and Recreation complies with all pertinent standards and safety regulations, especially for children's play areas, so we are restricted in what we are able to use.

Donation Policy Procedure & Guidelines

The City of Longview Parks and Recreation Department welcomes and encourages donations from private individuals and entities that support the programs and services the Department and its Advisory Board provide to the public.

There are many variations on how to make an official donation as there are needs to be met.

Donations and gifts to the City of Longview Parks and Recreation Department may be made in any amount to aid or benefit the services and facilities provided by the department. Gifts may be designated for a specific program, park, or purpose. Gifts may also be unrestricted in which case they will be dispersed to the area of greatest need at the sole discretion of the Department and the Advisory Board.