Block Watch

The Longview Police Department (LPD) has trained employees who can offer residents of the city information on security and crime prevention methods. This service is a continuing effort by the City of Longview to reduce crime.

The police department has recognized the need for continuing citizen participation and education. The information provided by the crime prevention personnel is intended to provide the citizens and business community with up-to-date and practical self-help security recommendations.

Crime prevention educators are constantly expanding their experience and services in response to changing crime problems.

  1. Objectives
  2. Benefits
  3. Tips

Block Watch meetings have several important objectives. An LPD employee will conduct the first organizational meeting to help participants understand the following objectives:

  • Block Watch is a daily offer of protective concern among a small group of neighboring households. As such, the Block Watch is part of daily neighborhood life - not a series of meetings.
  • Block Watch is basically a defensive rather than offensive strategy and is based on the belief that there is a greater, more immediate and less expensive benefit in preventing a burglary than there is in assailing the criminal justice system for failing to do justice after a burglary has occurred.
  • The Block Watch defensive strategy includes identifying the precise patterns on crime in that particular neighborhood and then acting in concert with government officials (police and non-police) to reduce one's own and the neighbors' risks.
  • As an organized, responsible group of citizens, the Block Watch members will find the criminal justice system more responsive to their needs than would be the case if each member acted individually.
  • Block Watch generates a positive feeling of alliance that helps enable the group to advance beyond minimum security steps.