Yard Waste

At the present time, the city does not have a residential yard waste program in place. However, it is a program that is currently being evaluated.

Waste Control Transfer Station

In the meantime, you can either bring yard waste material to the Waste Control Transfer Station to recycle, at the standard rates, as long as the yard waste is separated from any other household garbage. 

You may place the material directly into your green garbage container, but as a courtesy, if you live in an area that still has the shared green garbage tubs, please do not fill them up with your yard waste material.  We need to reserve some of the space for your neighbor’s garbage.

Please do not place any large roots and/or dirt in these garbage tubs as they become too heavy to empty.  If the city is able to ascertain you may have placed dirt in a garbage tub and Waste Control notifies the city it is too heavy to empty, you may be asked to remove the dirt.

Maintaining Your Property

Please do not place your yard waste, tree clippings, overgrown vegetation or larger woody debris in the alley behind your property. It is ultimately your responsibility as owner or occupant of the property to maintain that portion of the alleyway that fronts your property. If these items are dumped behind your property, you may receive a notice from the city to have the debris removed and disposed of properly.