Arboretum Tree Benefit Tags

Coastal Redwood Tree Benefit TagWe are excited to unveil the Tree Benefit Project that our department has been working this winter to help promote our Urban Forest and the benefits it provides during the lead up to both Earth Day and the Washington and National Arbor Day.

Benefit Tags

Starting the week of April 3, extending through the month, and then being removed at the conclusion are benefit tags. Tag are installed next to/near 10 different arboretum trees at Lake Sacajawea. We picked 10 trees roughly equally spaced throughout the lake to encourage walking around the entire lake to view all of the signs. Many were chosen because of their massive size and accessibility (we tried to pick ones closest to the trail).


This project's focus is to promote how our City Trees give back and to learn more about our forest. The idea was spawned from a similar project in a Chicago Arboretum. We are hoping to educate as well as foster more community interest.

Tree Information

Tree Number (out of 10)Common NameScientific NameDiameterHeight
1Douglas FirPseudotsuga menziesii56 inches119 feet
2Coastal RedwoodSequoia sempervirens74 inches139 feet
Monkey PuzzleAraucaria araucana9 inches28 feet
4London PlanePlatanus acerifolia31 inches87 feet
5Mossy Cup OakQuercus macrocarpa84 inches78 feet
6Incense CedarCalocedrus decurrens34 inches76 feet
7Laurel OakQuercus lauriflolia28 inches52 feet
8Weeping WillowSalix babylonica8 inches19 feet
9Pin OakQuercus palustris51 inches88 feet
10Sugar MapleAcer saccharum38 inches68 feet

Arboretum Map

View the Frank Willis Arboretum Map (PDF).