Tips for Going Green

Starting Green Habits

Although one of the most obvious reasons to go green is to conserve resources for future generations, starting green habits create benefits you can enjoy right now. Going green is often simply a matter of replacing old habits with new ones, and these new, greener habits have the potential to improve your health, save you money, and improve your quality of life.

When you take steps toward green living, you reduce unnecessary waste. Buy products in bulk to reduce packaging waste and reuse or recycle boxes and bags whenever possible.

Health Benefits

When you go green, your health could benefit. Traditional household cleaners pollute your indoor air and can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs, according to the Worldwatch Institute. You can tackle tough cleaning with products such as:

  • Baking soda
  • Borax
  • Lemon juice
  • Soap
  • Vinegar

By changing your cleaning habits, you can avoid phosphates, toxins, and corrosives that negatively affect indoor air quality and can pollute water sources.

Energy Conservation

And finally, since a large part of going green focuses on energy conservation, going green can save you money on your utilities. Consider switching to the energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs, wash only full loads of clothes and dishes, unplug cell phone chargers when not in use, and turn off power strips to cut back on energy consumption. When it's time to replace appliances, seek out energy-saving models that will lower your power bill.