Concealed Pistol License

Our concealed pistol license application is now available online. 


  • You must be 21 years of age at the time of the application
  • You must be a United States citizen or have a valid Alien Firearms Certificate from the State of Washington Division of Professional Licensing in Olympia
  • You must live in the city limits of Longview
  • You must be eligible to own firearms under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 9.41.040 and 9.41.045
  • You must not have a court order or injunction against possessing firearms
  • You must not be pending trial, appeal or sentencing on a felony offense
  • You must not have an order to forfeit firearms within the last year
  • You must not have any outstanding warrants for any charge, from any court
  • You must provide a state-issued picture identification with current address
  • Military personnel who were unable to renew on time as a result of out of state deployment/assignment may qualify for an exemption to the 90 day renewal time limit.  Military applicants must apply within 90 days of returning to Washington State and provide proof of deployment/assignment dates.


  2. Renewal CPL
  3. Expired CPL
  4. Replacement CPL

Apply for your CPL online (never applied before, or expired more than 90 days)

  • You must provide photo identification with current address.
  • Fee is $49.25, payable online debit/credit card (with administrative fee).