Pickup Schedule

You are about to visit the City of Longview’s Online Maps, a Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about the property from a spatial perspective. In addition to viewing information such as what your collection day is for garbage and recycling, you will also have access to other areas including an aerial color photography of the city, parcel information, city boundary, and zoning, to name a few.

Longview Online Maps

Once you are on the Longview Online Maps page, read the Disclaimer at the bottom and select the “Continue to Longview Online Maps” button.

Get Information

You have two ways to get information about the garbage and recycling collection days in your area:

  • Enter your address where it says, "Find a location." You will notice that once you type in the numeric portion of your address, you can scroll down to find your street. Press "Enter." You will see your property highlighted with a box showing information about your property, such as the parcel number, zoning designation, and Trash Pickup
  • In the top right corner, select "Layer List." If you select this option, scroll down to Trash/Recycling Pickup and check that box. You will see all of the various collection days, Monday through Friday. If you click on any one of the colored areas, a box will appear that designates the collection day for that area.

In addition, you can select the “Print” button to get a copy of the map, or “Help” to see more detailed help information.