Park Plans

Information will be added to these pages as it becomes available.

  1. RA Long Park Master Plan
  2. Cloney Park Plan
  3. Lake Sacajawea Preservation
  4. Archie Anderson Park Plan
  5. Parks & Recreation Plan
  6. Roy Morse Park plan

Answers to Questions Received Regarding the UTC RFP:

  1. Are resumes included in the 24 page limit?
    Under Section 5.1(c) Proposed Project Team Members, this would be included as part of your RFP submittal 24 limit

  2. Can you confirm that you have a digital Land Use or Zoning GIS layer in which we can use to satisfy item #3 in the scope of work?
    Yes we can confirm that we have those two GIS layers for you to use if selected.

  3. The RFP notes that examples of written progress reports may be requested to assist in the selection of the vendor.  At what stage during the RFP process may written progress reports be solicited?
    The samples are not requested at the time of the RFP submittal.  There is no anticipation of when, it would be if additional information or sample was need to choose between two top vendors.