Cart Sizes & Fees

Waste Control Equipment Incorporated provides garbage and recycling collection at the curb or alley for Longview residents. The rates below represent what is charged by the City of Longview for both commercial and residential accounts for one pickup per week.

Rates effective:  January 1, 2022


Container Size
60 gallon
N / A
N / A
90 gallon
300 gallon
N / A
90 gallon (second cart)
$40.50 $15.57

Recycling (Residential only)

Container Size Yard Waste Recycling
90 gallon N / A
Included in the monthly garbage rates

Commercial Recycling

At this time, the City does not have a commercial recycling program. Waste Control Recycling provides office paper and cardboard recycling to commercial businesses. If you are interested in establishing a recycling program at your business for either of these items, please contact Waste Control Recycling by phone at 360-425-4302. They will coordinate the setup and billing for the recycling service that fits your needs.

Other Information