Letter 14 - Where's Your Focus?

City of Longivew Parks and Recreation

When you are teaching your child how to drive a car for the first time, or if you are young enough to remember learning yourself - do you remember one of the main principles learned?

f you focus on the mailbox you are going to hit the mailbox.

Same thing goes for learning to ski or snowboard, focus on the tree and that’s all you will see and... by golly that’s where you are going to end up.

We are taught to focus on the things that will keep us on the right track and not on the dangers. We have learned that where you focus your energy is where you will head.

So, if we know this about our energy, why shouldn’t we apply this principle to all aspects of life?

Your focus and your energy are your driving forces. Focus on the negative, we spiral towards the negative - focus on the positive and... by golly that’s where you’ll end up.

Negativity is your mailbox or tree, it will be all you will see if that’s what you are looking at.

The list of what you should or could be focusing on is growing in our little town. From the 8 new pieces of outdoor art, Monticello Hotel, the Extreme Machine Event, new stores opening downtown, trendy restaurants, even to something so wonderful as the fall colors in the trees starting to show.

We aren’t where we want to be yet, but if we focus on where we want to go… by golly that’s where we’ll end up.