Police Officer Testing

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Police Department for the City of Longview, Washington. You must complete the Public Safety Testing (PST) with a passing score before you apply with the City of Longview Job Portal.

Police Officer Positions

The Longview Police Department currently has 74 full-time and part-time budgeted positions, 61 commissioned police officer positions and 13 civilian positions which, with the exception of the Police Chief, are all filled as provided by the adopted Civil Service Rules of the City of Longview.


All positions are full-time, uniformed position providing first-line duty in the protection of life and property of the citizens of the community including:

  • The application of services to the community
  • Apprehension of criminals
  • Control of non-criminal conduct
  • The enforcement of laws and ordinances
  • The preservation of the peace

Police protection is provided by the city 24 hours a day. Individual officers are assigned to shifts depending on duty assignments. Patrol assignments are generally 9 hour shifts with 5 days on followed by 3 days off. Other assignments in the department may work 10 hour shifts.

Lateral Incentive

Police officer candidates meeting the criteria of "Lateral Officer" as defined in Section 7.1.1 of the City of Longview Civil Service Commission General Rules upon being hired shall be eligible for a one-time incentive payment of $5,000, payable following successful completion of the twelve month probationary period. This incentive applies to external candidates seeking employment with the City of Longview. Past or current officers employed by the City of Longview are not eligible for this incentive.

Requirements & Testing

Entry level police officers are selected for employment from a Civil Service Eligibility List which is established through a formal civil service recruitment and testing process.

The first two components of entry-level police officer testing are conducted through the Public Safety Testing website. 

Applicants that are interested in testing and completing the written and physical abilities test should apply by visiting the Public Safety Testing Website.

For specific details about this testing, view the Requirements and Testing Page.