News Review
Week 5 Progress Report
Posted Date: 5/15/2017
The rain is back today but, in the three good days we had this week, AES made good progress and was able to pour several sections of colored concrete. There’s a continuous sidewalk along the west side of the street now, leaving just a couple of small sections and ADA ramps that still need to be done. Pavers are the next biggest task to really wrap things up on the west side but the paving contractor has been unfortunately delayed several weeks, leaving us to forge ahead elsewhere.

AES demolished the SW corner of Hemlock yesterday, and will focus efforts there again next week to rebuild the SW corner. They are also ready to start pouring back the street panels and crosswalks at mid-block and Commerce (north of Hemlock) at the first sign of sun. Until then, there’s enough fill-in work to keep AES busy digging out tree wells, placing soils and child-proofing open excavations to keep their job site safe. I’ve also seen AES out there several times sweeping sidewalks clean before stores open at 10AM; They have tried to be very conscientious of appearances to reinforce the message that business are still open and help make pedestrians feel more comfortable walking through.

Next week, the big push will be starting waterline work in the 1100 block. There will be some activity on Monday to expose and prep two existing water mains – one on Commerce and one on Hemlock to confirm we know exactly what is there and make sure all the correct parts are on hand. Assuming no surprises, Thursday will be a flurry of activity starting at 6AM to isolate and shutdown both mains, cut, demo, install valves and put it all back together in short order. As a preliminary heads up, the list of customers who will potentially be affected includes: 1225 Hemlock (6AM to 1PM), 961 12th Avenue (6AM to 8AM) and the following addresses on Commerce (6AM to 8AM): 1170, 1166, 1164, 1162, 1156, 1152, 1146, 1110, 1062 and 1030. Anyone who will be affected by the shutdowns will be notified by the City Water Department a minimum of 48 hours in advance. This work will also require some temporary lane closures on Hemlock in the east bound lanes on both sides of Commerce.