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Downtown Corridor Improvements - Week 4 Progress Report
Posted Date: 5/8/2017
Here is a brief run down of last week’s progress and highlights for this week:

Sporadic weather continues to make concrete pours a challenge. The midblock plaza and SW bulb-out were ready all week but had to be put off several times because the colored concrete is too temperamental even in light showers. Sections of colored concrete were able to be poured last Wednesday but thunder storms on Thursday afternoon didn’t allow enough cure time for a second colored pour. Progress continues to be made but we really need a few consecutive predictably dry days this week in order to get back on track. Concrete pours are scheduled every day with colored concrete pours on the first available dry day, and (half-width) crosswalks starting approximately mid-week. Pavers are scheduled to start on Tuesday.

Today, Monday, May 8th, demolition will begin at the SW corner of Hemlock. This will take a few diagonal parking spaces but should not otherwise disturb traffic patterns in the 1100 block just yet.

On Tuesday, May 9th at 5:30 p.m., there will be a coordination meeting upstairs at Mill City Grill before work begins on the east side of Commerce on/about May 22nd. Anyone wanting more information about the timing of that work, or with concerns or ideas about how to maintain access and/or visibility, is invited to share their ideas based on experience or what they’ve seen thus far. AES has been really good about working with us to accommodate reasonable requests.