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Downtown Corridor Improvements – Week 2 Progress Report
Posted Date: 4/25/2017
AES continues to make good progress downtown. North of mid-block, electrical conduits and irrigation sleeves were installed and rock placed to bring the paver section up to grade. South of mid-block, they poured the first 4-ft section of sidewalk along the building but rain is preventing them from pouring back the full 8-ft sidewalk. Unless the weather improves, the second 4-ft section of sidewalk is scheduled to be poured Friday the 28th. In the meantime and in order to stay productive, AES will use the opportunity to complete smaller pours which can be covered and protected – curbs, footings, light pole bases, raingardens, etc. They will also tackle the SW corner of Hemlock while subcontractors work on installing utilities (electrical conduit and irrigation sleeves) in the 1200 block. Depending on weather, timing and availability, AES may entertain the idea of a Saturday pour. I will let you know later this week if that turns out to be the case.

Regrettably, despite 6-ft cyclone fencing, caution tape, traffic cones and signage, we are experiencing instances of concrete damage. Albeit unintentional, footprints in green concrete are difficult if not impossible to fix. Repair attempts are almost always evident and tearing out brand new sidewalk will prolong this project. Because we all share a common goal and want Commerce to look nice when we are done, I am recruiting all of you to help us protect the work. While concrete is just days old, please remind customers, tenants and passers-by where they should and should not walk when they walk out the door. We are going to great lengths to create access paths for people and it defeats the purpose if they duck under tape or squeeze between building and fence.

We appreciate your help to make this project a success!