News Review
Downtown Streetscape Phase 3
Posted Date: 2/13/2017

This spring, the City of Longview will begin constructing the final phase of streetscape improvements in the 1200 block of Commerce Avenue. The project will replace and upgrade sidewalks, crosswalks, bulb-outs, street trees, lighting and furnishings starting from the south side of Hudson Street and ending at the south side of Hemlock Street.

Pending weather impacts and unforeseen delays, we anticipate construction will take about three months to complete. To minimize disruption, hours of work will be limited to 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and construction will not be allowed on both sides of the street at the same time. Depending on the contractor, work may occur over a four or five-day work week. Businesses are encouraged to use alley entrances but the contractor will be required to maintain storefront access at all times.

April through June, Commerce will be temporarily converted to one lane, one-way, southbound. In an effort to minimize the time for construction, on-street parking will not be allowed. However, the Stylemaster parking lot will temporarily be made available for public parking and signage will be provided to assist customers to find parking. In the two prior downtown projects, we found on-street parking was not well utilized and hindered the contractor’s progress.

The City is committed to keeping businesses and residents informed about construction, and to encourage people to visit downtown despite construction impacts. Regular project updates will be provided through public service announcements, email, Longview Downtown Partnership newsletter and online at To help make this project successful, please notify your employees, tenants and customers so they are better prepared to make adjustments.

To learn more about the project and discuss concerns, you are invited to attend a public meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 16th at Mill City Grill, located at 1260 Commerce Avenue. If you are unable to attend the meeting but have questions or comments, Amy Blain can  be reached during business hours Monday through Thursday at 360.442.5206.