What Are Police Cadets?

Police Cadets are non-paid volunteers that support police officers while learning what it’s like to be a police officer. Longview Police Cadets are never used to replace police officers. The objectives of the Cadet Program are: Character Building; Leadership Development; and to develop an Appreciation for Community Services and Good Citizenship. Cadets play a key role in major community events in the City of Longview including July Go 4th Celebration, lake bank activities, and Crime Prevention Fairs. Cadets are also called upon to assist when unexpected events occur such as flooding, high winds, major crime scenes and disasters. The Longview Police Department is currently authorized ten (10) Police Cadets.

Becoming a Longview Police Cadet:

Open enrollment for new cadets is held when there is a vacancy announcement on the city website. Applications are NOT accepted any other time.

If you are interested in joining the Longview Police Cadets, you must be:
  • Between the ages of 16 and 21 years of age and completed the 8th grade.
  • Have a guardian approval & signatures on an application packet (less than 18 yrs).
  • Be in ordinary good health having no physical defects that would hamper performance of their duties.
  • Must maintain a GPA 2.5 or higher in school; or have graduated from an accredited high school or GED program.
  • Be a citizen of the United States; live within one hour of LPD unless authorized by the Chief of Police.
  • Fluently read and write English.
  • Never been convicted of any Felony.
  • No arrests for offenses involving moral turpitude or a pattern of arrests, which indicate moral character of a questionable nature.

Required Hours:

Longview Police Cadets are expected to donate a minimum of ten (10) hours per month, attend all required training, and complete one (1) patrol ride-along per month.


Applicants must pass an extensive background investigation, oral board interview, and drug screening. 


There is ongoing training for all members of the Cadet Unit.


Becoming a Longview Police Cadet is not easy. The Longview Police Cadet program has developed an outstanding reputation. Our commitment is to continue our pattern of high standards, quality cadets and exceptional service to the citizens of Longview.

Longview Police Satellite Office
216 30th Ave
Longview, WA 98632
Phone: 360 442 5850
Email: community.policing@ci.longview.wa.us

Last updated: 9/27/2018 10:05:19 AM