City Attorney
The City attorney represents the City of Longview in all courts, advises the City manager, City department heads and City council. City contracts, deeds, easements, ordinances & resolutions, and other documents are drafted by the City attorney. In addition, meetings of Longview City Council, Planning Commission, Appeal Board of Adjustment, Disability Board and other boards and commissions are attended by the City attorney, who is also actively engaged in development and promotion of The Mint Farm Industrial Park .

Criminal Division

The assistant Criminal Division prosecutes the following offenses: Misdemeanor criminal offenses that occur within the Longview city limits and where the defendant has plead "not guilty" at arraignment; civil traffic infractions where the driver has requested a contested hearing; Longview Municipal Code civil infractions; Humane Society civil infractions, and Longview Public Library civil infractions. Longview Municipal Court services are provided through contract with Cowlitz County District Court.

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City Attorney
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Longview Criminal Division Attorneys
Steve Shuman
Heidi Thompson

1351 Hudson
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