The Longview Police Department currently has 1 patrol dog and 1 drug detection dog in the K9 unit.

The primary duty of the patrol K9 is to locate and apprehend criminal suspects. The patrol K9 is used to search buildings, search open areas, track suspects that have fled from a crime and locate evidence that a suspect leaves behind.

The patrol K9 is used to provide backup and support to the patrol and detective divisions of the Longview Police Department. The patrol K9 also assists agencies throughout the Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon when needed.


The duty of the narcotics K9 is to locate the odor of narcotics in various locations such as cars and buildings. The Narcotics K9 is also used to help locate narcotics during the service of search warrants. The narcotics K9 is currently assigned to the Streets Crimes Unit but is available to assist patrol or outside agencies as needed. 

Libbey and K9 Max 

Last updated: 9/19/2016 10:06:51 AM