Longview Police Department's Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for following up on most reported felony offenses. Case assignments are based on the detective's current case load and the seriousness of the cases as they are received by the Unit. Detectives tend to specialize in general areas such as commercial burglary, or fraud and forgery. At times, more than one detective is assigned to a particular case based on its seriousness and complexity. The Investigations Unit is kept very busy. Normally, each detective has between twenty and thirty cases assigned at any one time!

A sergeant, a corporal, three detectives and one civilian investigator are assigned to the division. They are assigned cases to investigate based on solvability factors. Some of these crimes include homicides, robberies, assaults, serious traffic felonies such as vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. The investigation of sex crimes is a major function of the unit. The Longview Police Department civilian investigator interviews child sexual assault victims and assists with many other types of interviews.

The CIU also investigates property crimes such as industrial burglaries, residential burglaries, fraud, forgeries, unlawful issuance of bank checks and theft.

Effective January 1, 2018, Captain Robert Huhta will oversee the Investigations Division.

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