The Longview Fire Department Training Program requires department personnel to adhere to a regimented training schedule by regularly attending classes and performing drills. This keeps our personnel updated on new procedures, techniques, state mandated programs, and gives them the ability to perform skills safely and effectively. The training provides all the necessary tools to keep these skill levels at a maximum.

The training program consists of aerial ladder operations, structural firefighter operations, shipboard firefighting operations, vehicle extrication drills, water rescue training, standpipe and sprinkler drills, rope system drills, overhaul and salvage operations, and confined space rescue training.

Firefighters and Fire Officers train daily to maintain a proficient level of readiness in:
  • Emergency medical technician skills to render aid to reduce pain and suffering.
  • Firefighting techniques to minimize life and property loss to fires and disasters.
  • Advanced rescue specialties that only fire services provides.
Upon successful completion of an academy, our newly hired recruits then continue training with first line engine and truck companies as probationary firefighters. While in the field with these companies, probationary firefighters continue to be evaluated for one year, in additional areas such as response area knowledge, engine/truck operations, as well as, detailed knowledge of all equipment carried on the fire department apparatus.

Longview Fire Department is always looking for ways to enhance training for department personnel, from developing new props to developing training programs for the classroom.
Last updated: 4/2/2013 7:14:22 AM