Welcome to the Longview Fire Department Website.  The mission of the Longview Fire Department is to “Maximize the safety and well-being of our community, by reducing risk to life and property.” The Longview Fire Department makes every effort to do this through four programs; fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire and injury prevention and emergency preparedness.  I personally believe that the community’s well-being begins with a feeling of safety and security.  I further believe that a safe and secure community is the first line of defense for their well-being.  However, when unplanned events occur emergency services personnel must respond to mitigate the difficult situation. 

To help accomplish the mission of the fire department, our personnel understand the need for comprehensive fire and life safety protection.  This comprehensive approach is a multi-step process.  The steps include education, engineering, enforcement and emergency response.  This process also includes a cause and responsibility component, which serves as an evaluative procedure for each step of the comprehensive plan.  Through continual critical evaluation we are able to further define and develop strategies for improving service delivery and community well-being.   

Our Motto:
"Quality Service, Timely Response"

Prevent Fire It's Your Job 


Last updated: 10/8/2018 9:55:00 AM