The Longview Fire Department serves the City of Longview community through four basic programs; 1) Fire Prevention, 2) Emergency Preparedness, 3) Fire Suppression, and 4) Emergency Medical Services. The city we serve is approximately 14.7 square miles of urban/suburban development occupied by 36,100 citizens in 2011.

The FIRE PREVENTION PROGRAM includes a number of services; fire protection plans review for new and remodel construction, code enforcement in existing occupancies, investigation of fires, and prevention education.

The EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM addresses readiness and response capabilities of the city in the event of major disasters such as floods, seismic disasters, volcanic eruptions, and other environmental disasters.

The EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES PROGRAM is delivered by our EMT/Firefighters. Until this year, only basic life support (BLS) has been the level of care rendered by Longview Fire. Advanced EMS, or Paramedic transport services is provided in the city by a private provider, American Medical Response. In 2011, LFD will enhance EMS services with the addition of four Paramedic/Firefighters. This enhancement is an incremental step towards reducing the gap in Advanced EMS services in the City of Longview.

The FIRE SUPPRESSION PROGRAM is our essential emergency service that is provided through the same EMT and Paramedic Firefighters that also respond to EMS calls. This program also includes specialized responses to technical rescue incidents with our firefighter specialists technically trained in confined space rescue, rope rescue, and marine firefighting.
Longview Fire’s front-line service providers consist of 39 career EMT/Firefighters and four Paramedic/Firefighters. Each of the three 24-hour shift platoons is led by one Battalion Chief. Fire suppression and emergency medical services deployment is done so through three career staffed fire units and one command unit. Administration staffing is comprised of the Fire Chief, Administrative Battalion Chief, Fire Marshal, Fire Inspector and one Administrative Assistant.

In 2011, LFD will respond to approximately 4,500 calls from two fire stations located at 740 Commerce and 2355 38th Avenue. The Department measures its emergency response performance annually against a set of “Standard of Cover” measures as adopted by the Longview City Council in 2006.

The City of Longview provides an insurance rating of Class 4 throughout its service delivery area as determined by the Washington Surveying & Rating Bureau.

Contact the Fire Department: 

Administrative Offices 
740 Commerce Avenue
Longview, WA 98632 

Phone: 360.442.5503
Fax: 360.442.5961

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Monday through Friday 

Fire Chief: Phil Jurmu
Phone: 360.442.5501

Fire Marshal: Jim Kambeitz
Phone: 360.442.5088

For an emergency dial 911

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