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  34 Years           1984-2018

The City of Longview has a progressive Urban Forestry Program that has been administered by the Parks Department since the early 1960s. Longview was one of the first communities in Washington to earn the certification as a “Tree City U.S.A.” and has maintained that certification since 1984.

Street Trees

There are approximately 17,000 trees under the care of the Parks Department. During the last 12 years, there have been over 86,000 individual tasks completed on this urban forest. A minimum of 2 certified arborists are on staff as stewards to maintain and conserve the urban trees in the community. It is the responsibility of the Parks Department to plant, stake, prune, and when required, remove the street and park trees.

These trees are not removed unless there are health or safety issues that are determined by the arborists as being beyond any other alternative. If it is determined that a tree must be removed and replaced for one of these reasons, the abutting property owner is not assessed any of the associated cost. The tree will be removed and the stump ground to a depth of approximately 16”. A replacement tree will then be scheduled for planting.

If a request to remove a tree is submitted to the Parks Department and the request is denied because it does not meet the criteria for removal, an appeal can be brought forward to the Tree Board at their regular meeting on the third Monday of the month.

Topping of trees creates potential safety hazards as they continue to mature. Therefore, it is also a policy of the City never to top trees.

Any questions, requests, or concerns regarding the trees maintained by the City of Longview should be directed to the Parks Department Office.

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