News Review
December 21 City Council meeting in brief
Posted Date: 12/29/2017
• Received copies of the inaugural 2018 Cowlitz Clean Waters calendar developed using artwork and haiku/poem submittals from area middle school students. The Council was also invited to the calendar awards ceremony on January 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm at the Kelso City Council Chambers.
• Acknowledged Finance Department staff for receipt of a Certificate of Achievement of Excellence in Financial Reporting.
• Acknowledged receipt of The Daily News First Place award for Best City in the TDN Best of 2017 contest.
• Heard a presentation from Chris St. Onge, project manager, regarding the discovery of a large beehive within one wall of the Mint Valley Racquetball building during the recent siding replacement project. The hive and honeycomb was removed and honey from the comb was processed and canned, and a quart-sized jar of honey was presented to each council member.
• Directed the city attorney to prepare a zoning code text amendment to allow gambling establishments to operate in the Riverfront District when associated with a restaurant/cocktail lounge.
• Approved Ordinance No. 3367 amending the 2017-2018 Biennial Budget.
• Tabled Ordinance No. 3369 amending the zoning code regarding residential development, until the January 11, 2018 city council meeting.
• Approved Resolution No. 2248 increasing water rates by 4.7% for 2018.
• Directed staff to perform analysis and develop options for council consideration to reduce utility business and occupation taxes to offset City utility rate increases.
• Approved Resolution No. 2249 increasing sewer rates by 2.0% for 2018.
• Approved Resolution No. 2250 increasing stormwater rates by 10% for 2018 and deleting certain rate reduction provisions that are no longer applicable under state-mandated code updates adopted in June 2017.
• Directed staff to develop options for council consideration to address utility costs such as a budget pay plan, and ways to provide relief for seniors and senior/low income housing.
• Approved Resolution No. 2253 authorizing the city manager to execute an interlocal agreement supplement with the Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 1 to allow recreational use of the Ditch No. 6 dike between 38th Ave and 42nd Ave.
• Directed the city manager to schedule a joint meeting between the City Council and the board of Housing Opportunities of Southwest Washington to discuss concerns and appropriate actions that will best address housing concerns.
• Approved a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Employee Bargaining Association for 2018 – 2020.
• Approved an amendment to the contract with Laura Thurman for her services as the Diversion Program Coordinator.
• Approved Resolution No. 2252 adopting an investment policy for the City.
• Approved the 2018 federal legislative agenda.
• Approved a professional services agreement with the firm Gordon Thomas Honeywell to provide state governmental affairs and legislative lobbying services for the City.
• Approved a professional services agreement with the firm CFM to provide federal governmental affairs and legislative lobbying services for the City.