News Review
Posted Date: 12/5/2017
Pursuant to Ordinance No. 3357 codified as LMC 7.30, Severe Weather Shelters, City Manager Dave Campbell has determined that a severe weather event is imminent based on forecasted cold weather conditions beginning tonight. Low temperatures in the Longview area are currently predicted to be at or below 32 degrees beginning tonight and for the next several days.

Among other things, the determination of a severe weather event enables permitted severe weather shelters to begin operating. There are no permitted severe weather shelters in Longview at this time, but we will publicize any that may be permitted. City Manager Campbell has authorized Community Development Director/Building Official John Brickey to issue temporary use permits for any buildings for which severe weather shelter designation may be sought and which, upon inspection, are determined to meet basic building safety standards for temporarily housing persons by Mr. Brickey and Fire Marshal Jim Kambeitz. There is no fee for a temporary use permit for a severe weather shelter, and a permit may be valid for a period of 365 days.

For more information on permitted severe weather shelters, please contact the Community Development department at 360.442.5087.