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Downtown Corridor Improvements - Week 12 Progress Report
Posted Date: 7/3/2017

A lot happened last week on Commerce. A stroll downtown would provide the best update, but for the rest of you here’s a hit list of recently completed work.

• Pavers are complete in the 1200 block. There is still a small section yet to finish in the 1100 block.
• Pervious crosswalks were poured on the east leg of Hemlock and in three places in the northbound lane of Commerce. Remaining crosswalks will be poured on July 7.
• Two driveways were poured in the 1100 block.
• ADA domes and ramps were poured at the NE and SE corners of Hemlock.
• Irrigation is 90% complete.
• Trees are going up and tree grates are going down.
• Street signs and artwork were installed.

Landscaping will continue, but for the most part AES focused on getting ready for last Saturday’s BowTie Bash car show. For last weekend only, traffic control was pulled and both lanes of the 1100 and 1200 block were re-opened to 2-way traffic. AES did not not fully de-mobilize but their equipment was contained to one area and anything no longer needed was removed. Steel plates were placed over the crosswalks to protect green concrete with the edges patched with asphalt to hold the plates in place and hide corners. Delineators and caution tape were set up around unfinished raingardens to make the area as safe as possible for increased pedestrian volume. If any tree wells are still empty, plywood lids will go back down to eliminate fall hazards.

This week, AES will be back at it with a 4/10 work week to make up for missed opportunity due to the holiday. Traffic will be swapped over, this time one-way northbound in order to pour what’s left of the crosswalks in the southbound lane. Hemlock will be closed again, this time on the west side of Commerce, to finish the final leg of the intersection. By the end of next week, AES will be starting to pull their equipment out. Tentative completion date is Thursday, July 13th. There is likely to still be punchlist type work occurring after this date.

Here’s a recap of major outstanding items and tentative dates of work:

• Colored concrete at NE and SE corners of Hemlock – July 3
• Other half of crosswalks – July 6 and 7
• Striping (pavement markings) – July 10 and 11
• Light poles and furnishings – July 11 and 12 (assuming delivery)