Guide to Accessing On-Line Permitting

Welcome to the City of Longview on-line permitting services. These services allow permit customers to apply for certain types of permits, view detailed information, get permit information online, schedule inspections, and find parcel information. Many of these features can be done without being a registered user. Permit types that can be obtained on-line are electrical, mechanical, plumbing, siding and re-roof.

Since there are many variables that can determine permit fees, please call our office at 360.442.5086, and we can calculate the fees for you.

In order to obtain an on-line permit and schedule inspections, you will first need to register with our Meritage program

. Once you have applied for a permit, we will need to verify your licensing requirements prior to processing. You may also call our office at 360.442.5086 or e-mail us at Once you have registered, you can access permits that you have obtained as the applicant and schedule inspections. 

Enter 'Permits & Inspections' Online.

Last updated: 3/21/2018 10:19:06 AM